Which is the best for Straight Razor, 5/8″

Which is the best for Straight Razor, Have you ever experienced a shave from a straight razor? It leads to a particularly close call that leads to a face that stays smoother longer. Straight razors became more and more popular among today’s Homo sapiens sapiens, and traditionalists across the planet are rejoicing within the resurgence and interest in them.

They will not only allow today’s Homo sapiens to adapt the shaving habits of their forefathers but also will teach him the lost art of honing and stropping a razor to get the right edge. At Classic Shaving, we provide an outsized selection of popular and masterfully crafted works of art. Find the right straight edge including the made within the USA Hart Steel, The Blades Grim, or a Dylan razor at Classic Shaving today. Don’t forget we also offer razor repair service and sharpening. At Classic Shaving, we’re continuously trying to assist today’s Homo sapiens to escape the commercial shaving gimmicks that pack drug store shelves and introduce them to the art of a top-quality shave.

Q&A part:

Q: is this full hollow ground?

A: I believe it is a full hollow ground. I did not buy my razor from Amazon, I bought mine from excaliburcutlery.com. It was
shave ready right out of the box all it needed was to be stropped.