What is the best electric razor shaving head

Electric shavers for face and head

This category includes regular best electric razor shaving heads that are normally used for shaving facial hair. However, almost any shaver also can work as a head shaver provided your hair is fairly short. All electric shavers, be it foil or rotary, will work best when used on short hair.

best electric razor shaving head

The advantage of going for one among these best electric razor shaving heads is that they cut the hair very on the brink of the skin. And since they will affect coarse facial hair, they’ll haven’t any trouble with the soft and thin hair on your head. So if you would like that shiny bald look, they will deliver precisely that.

Again, the key here is to use them often (I’d say every two to 3 days at most). If the hair is just too long, they’ll snag and yank the hairs and can miss quite a lot of them. Some best electric razor shaving head does accompany special attachments which will allow you to pre-trim your hair, but most of them don’t have these accessories.

Another advantage is that you simply also can use this shaver on your face. So there’s no got to have two separate machines, one for the face and one for the top. The main drawback stems from the actual fact that these razors weren’t designed for shaving the top.

  • First of all, the surface of the top may be a large, spherical area; in contrast, your face has (almost) flat surfaces — your cheeks and neck.
  • Secondly, you can’t always see what you’re doing when shaving your head and you’ve got to succeed in behind your head during a pretty awkward position.

Most rotary razors have 3 heads which will flex independently and may adapt to the spherical shape of the top. Some foil shavers also are quite good at this as you’ll see within the next section. The main problem is with the convenient handle that creates holding the shaver awkward when shaving your head, especially the rear of your head.

With practice, you’ll kind of getting around this, but shaving your head with a daily best electric razor shaving head usually takes longer and more work compared to employing a head shaver designed specifically thereupon in mind.