Safety Razor Blades Stainless Double Edge

Safety Razor Blades

What is 100 Shark Super Stainless Double Edge Safety Razor Blades can provide:

20 tucks of 5 blades on a display card / Super Sharp Stainless Steel blades – Retain their sharpness for many shaves / Fits all standard safety razors – GEM, PARKER, MERKUR, JAGGER, and GILLETTE / Professional Quality / An outstanding value!

100 Shark Super Stainless Double Edge Safety Razor Blades deliver a smooth, luxurious, and cozy shave. These premium blades are employed by barbers and wet shavers alike. These blades are known for his or her outstanding smoothness, sharpness, comfort, and longevity. Many have told us these are the longest enduring double edge blades they need ever used. Manufactured in an ISO2000 facility, these blades are world-renowned for his or her top quality. Care should be taken to not wipe this blade not wet after use. Instead, simply shake the razor not wet to avoid removal of the blade’s coating.

Q&A Part
Q: Are there 100 pieces? (100 individual blades)
A: There are 100 individual, double edge razor blades. These are for use in double edge safety razors. Alternatively, you can break them in half and use in many single edge safety razors.
Q: Will these blades fit an Alkaline razor?
A: If it’s a double edge safety razor