Schick Slim Twin ST 2 Disposable Razors for Men Sensitive Skin Shaving Razor – 2 Count ( Pack of 36 )



Product Description

Product Description Slim Twin Razors provide an great shave at a value price. The slim head allows the blade to shave the difficult spots under the nose and provide for precision when shaving side-burns. The Schick Slim Twin for Men Sensitive Razor provides a quick, smooth shave to keep sensitive skin looking its best. The disposable razor features a lubricating strip enhanced with vitamin E to reduce nicks and irritation. The razor offers a comfortable rubber grip handle for stability, while one-push cleaning allows you to easily remove hair from between the blades. Slim Twin Blade Razor Sensitive for Men, 2 Razors (Pack of 36) At a Glance: Lubricating strip with vitamin E protects sensitive skinRubber handle for steady gripOne-push cleaning prevents cloggingTwin blades for a close, comfortable shave36 packs of disposable razors, 2 razors per package Provides a quick, smooth shave to keep sensitive skin looking its best.View larger. Vitamin E for Sensitive SkinIdeal for men with sensitive skin, the Schick Slim Twin Sensitive Razor features a lubricating strip containing vitamin E to soothe rough, irritated skin. When you begin shaving, the conditioning strip activates with water to keep your shaving experience comfortable. Twin Blades and Easy One-Push CleaningThis razor features a slim head with twin blades to ensure a close, precise shave even in difficult areas and easy one-push cleaning that helps keep blades from clogging. Rubber Handle for a Steady GripThe razor is designed with a no-slip rubber handle that is easy to maneuver for a steady, comfortable shave. Disposable for Easy PortabilityIdeal for men on the go, the Slim Twin razor is disposable so it easily travels wherever you do. It’s the perfect razor for travel, the gym, the beach, or to keep on hand for quick touch-ups. What’s in the Box36 packs of Schick Slim Twin for Men Sensitive Razors, 2 razors per package. Trademark Information:Schick® Slim Twin® Slim Twin for Men Sensitive, 12-Count Packages (3-Pack)Slim Twin for Men Sensitive, 6-Count Packages (4-Pack) Slim Twin for Men Sensitive, 2 Count(Pack of 36)Slim Twin FitStyle for Men (3-Pack)

LUBRICATION STRIP WITH VITAMIN E helps reduce irritation. When you start shaving, the strip activates with water to give you a smooth shave.

TWIN BLADES to ensure a close, precise shave even in sensitive areas

EASY ONE-PUSH CLEANING helps keep blades from clogging.

RUBBER MICRO-CUSHION HANDLE and conditioning strip provides an effortless, precise shave.

How often to change the blade on a razor?

The first urgent question from men concerns how often it is generally necessary to change the blades so that the shaving process is as effective as possible and minimally traumatic for the face skin. If you shave with blunt blades, this will lead to pulling out the hairs and scraping off the upper layer of the skin, and in order for the man to shave off the hairs, you will need to make efforts.

The frequency of blade replacement depends on several factors:

  • densities of bristles
  • stiffness of hairs
  • shaving frequency in men
  • the thoroughness of each shaving procedure
  • razor and blade quality
  • the correctness of the procedure and much more.

You need to understand that blades from different manufacturers differ in quality, production materials and degree of sharpness, coating, and other characteristics. But on average, experts note that a standard razor blade withstands about 3-8 procedures for shaving bristles. If we talk about high-quality blades and from trusted manufacturers, their service life is 6-8 procedures.

What are razor blades used for

The razor has been changed to a razor that is gentle on the skin by dispersing the pressure applied to each skin by increasing the number of blades and the number of blades compared to the pursuit of shaving. The razor blade has a single pinpoint trimmer behind the razor blade, making it easy to shave under the chin, under the nose and sideburns.
Gillette razors are thinner than other companies’ blades, and steel is crimped to sandwich the blades to increase strength. So the shaving taste is great as it has a sharper cutting edge.
However, the original blade is thinner, but the replacement time of the blade becomes earlier.
The point to keep the blade length is to moisturize the beard as much as possible and soften it before shaving, so the replacement blade will last longer

Which razor to choose?

A razor is a convenient tool designed to combat unwanted hair on the face and in other areas. It has a handle and ahead with one or more blades that carefully cut off the regrown hairs and give the skin a well-groomed appearance. Even children know about what a shaving machine is, but it is not always possible to choose a model that suits all criteria.

For many decades, many manufacturers have been working on creating innovative products in the field of shaving products, constantly improving them. As a result, men’s machines with new features and improved design are entering the market, designed to facilitate the shaving process, make it more effective and minimize skin irritation.

The range of offers is constantly expanding, and often buyers are faced with the problem – which shaving machine to choose?