Schick Quattro Refill Cartridges, 8 Cartridges



Product Description

Product Description 2 Conditioning Strips & 4 Blades. The world’s best four bladed shave. Four precisely synchronized blades that give you an incredibly close, smooth shave. Two conditioning strips each with Aloe & Vitamin E. Ergonomic handle design provides advanced precisi The Schick Quattro for Men razor system offers refill cartridges with four coated blades. The blades flex together for the closest shave possible, while the pivoting head and edging blade allow you to reach hard places. Conditioning strips with specially formulated ingredients provide moisture to help keep your skin soft and smooth. Refill Cartridges(8 Cartridges) At a Glance: Four-blade cartridge provides a close, precise shavePivoting head for hard-to-reach areasTwo conditioning strips minimize skin irritationCompact for travel and easy storageDesigned for use with Schick Quattro razors These refills can be used with any Schick Quattro razor for convenient, comfortable shaving when and where you need it. View larger. Four-Blade Razor for Close ShaveThe four-blade razor provides a precise, smooth shave, while the pivoting head and edging blade offer greater flexibility and can glide into hard-to-reach areas. The compact cartridges can be easily stored or packed for travel. They come in a convenient pack of eight. Two Conditioning Strips for Smooth SkinThe refill cartridges feature two conditioning strips formulated with aloe and Vitamin E to help provide a smooth, extra-close shave and minimize irritation after shaving. The Schick Quattro for Men Refill Cartridges are designed for use with any Schick Quattro razors. What’s in the BoxSchick Quattro for Men Refill Cartridges, 8 Cartridges (1-Pack). RazorsRefill CartridgesDisposablesTitanium TrimmerMidnight RazorRazor and Refill CartridgesRefill Cartridges4 Cartridges8 CartridgesRefill Cartridges, Titanium Coated Blades4 Cartridges8 CartridgesTitanium Razors, DisposableDisposable Sensitive RazorTrademark Information:Schick® Quattro®

Compact pivoting head to follow the contours of your skin

Comfortable rubber grip designed specifically for how a woman shaves

How often change razor blades

The conditions such as the thickness, density, hardness, and frequency of shaving of the mustache are various, so it is not always possible to say that it is the correct answer, but Kaiji recommends replacing the blade every two weeks.

In addition, every time you shave, if the shaving feeling changes slightly, such as “the shave taste has become worse” or “I feel pain when shaving”, it is time to change it Maybe good.

The trick to keeping the razor durable is in the storage method after use.

If the blade is still clogged with mustaches and oils and fats, not only sharpness but also the durability of the blade itself will be significantly impaired.

Therefore, after use, rinse off with lukewarm water or water, and then drain the water. Avoid storing in damp places such as bathrooms, and store in a dry place as much as possible.
Leaving it in the bathroom can also lead to bacterial growth.

It is strictly prohibited to wipe the razor with a cloth after washing.
This is because the coating applied to the blade may peel off or cause the blade to spill.

What are razor blades used for

The razor has been changed to a razor that is gentle on the skin by dispersing the pressure applied to each skin by increasing the number of blades and the number of blades compared to the pursuit of shaving. The razor blade has a single pinpoint trimmer behind the razor blade, making it easy to shave under the chin, under the nose and sideburns.
Gillette razors are thinner than other companies’ blades, and steel is crimped to sandwich the blades to increase strength. So the shaving taste is great as it has a sharper cutting edge.
However, the original blade is thinner, but the replacement time of the blade becomes earlier.
The point to keep the blade length is to moisturize the beard as much as possible and soften it before shaving, so the replacement blade will last longer

How to select razor blades for men?

The choice of a safety razor depends on many factors: weight, handle, type of head, etc. But do not forget about the physiological characteristics of our body. Each has its own type of skin, different stiffness of the bristles, small or large palm-size, in which the machine should lie. Everything is individual, so you do not need to buy the tool that a friend advised, recommended a famous blogger or was at the top of the forum. There is also the possibility that it is not possible to purchase exactly your ideal device immediately. It is necessary to stock up on patience, time and a certain amount for the razor of your dreams.