Schick Quattro Razor & Cartridges, Titanium Coated Blades, 1 Razor, 2 Cartridges (Pack of 2)



Product Description

Package Quantity:2 Product description Schick Quattro Razor & Cartridges, Titanium Coated Blades The Schick Quattro for Men Titanium Razor offers Titanium-coated blades for a precise, smooth shave no matter where you are. Designed with a pivoting head and edging blade for hard-to-reach areas, the contoured four-blade head provides greater flexibility and control. The ergonomic handle features a rubber grip for increased control and stability. Titanium Razor At a Glance: Four Titanium-coated blades stay sharp longer to reduce irritationPivoting head with edging blade for hard-to-reach areasErgonomic rubber handle for a comfortable gripCompatible with Schick Quattro refill cartridgesConditioning strips provide moisture for a smooth shave This razor’s Titanium-coated blades offer long-lasting use, while its pivoting head moves along the natural curves ofyour face and body. View larger. Pivoting Head with Four Titanium-Coated BladesFor a close, precise shave, the Schick Quattro for Men Titanium Razor features four Titanium-coated blades. The blades stay sharper longer so your skin will be less irritated after shaving. The pivoting head with edging blade offers greater flexibility and can glide into hard-to-reach areas. The razor is designed with conditioning strips that are specially formulated to soothe skin. Easy-to-Grip Handle for ComfortThe razor is designed with a rubber handle that is easy to grip and helps you achieve a close, comfortable shave. The ergonomic handle offers just the right size and balance to help you maneuver around your face and body. What’s in the BoxSchick Quattro for Men Razor and Refill Cartridges, Titanium Coated Blades (2-Pack) with 1 Razor Handle and 2 Cartridges per package. RazorsRefill CartridgesDisposablesTitanium TrimmerMidnight RazorRazor and Refill CartridgesRefill Cartridges4 Cartridges8 CartridgesRefill Cartridges, Titanium Coated Blades4 Cartridges8 CartridgesTitanium Razors, DisposableDisposable Sensitive RazorTrademark Information:Schick® Quattro®

Rubber guard bar prepares the skin prior to blade contact for a close, smooth shave.

4 Titanium coated Blade system provides a comfortable and smooth shave.

Compact pivoting head follows the contour of the face.

Less irritation than the leading brand.

2 Razors – 4 Cartridges

How long does it take for a knife to become blunt

It is impossible to say how often you have to replace a cassette because a number of factors influence how long the blade lasts. Much depends on the way you handle the blades after shaving. When you need a new blade depends on how often you shave, the surface you have to remove the hair from, the type of hair, thickness and length and the number of shaving movements.

However, the strength/hardness of the hair is not the reason that razor blades should be replaced quickly and on average after every 20 shaves. Razor blades become dull mainly because hairs, soap/foam, lime, and skin cells remain on the razor. The small residual particles cause corrosion on the blades, making them blunt. See also: Why razor blades become blunt. The more often you shave, the more often the blades get wet and the more skin/soap residues remain on the blades.

What are razor blades used for

The razor has been changed to a razor that is gentle on the skin by dispersing the pressure applied to each skin by increasing the number of blades and the number of blades compared to the pursuit of shaving. The razor blade has a single pinpoint trimmer behind the razor blade, making it easy to shave under the chin, under the nose and sideburns.
Gillette razors are thinner than other companies’ blades, and steel is crimped to sandwich the blades to increase strength. So the shaving taste is great as it has a sharper cutting edge.
However, the original blade is thinner, but the replacement time of the blade becomes earlier.
The point to keep the blade length is to moisturize the beard as much as possible and soften it before shaving, so the replacement blade will last longer

How to choose razor blades

What types of men’s razors and blades are there, how do they differ from each other. What do the parameters of men’s razors and blades mean, how not to make a mistake in choosing and not overpay for extra functions

For shaving to be of high quality, you need to choose the right machine. In today’s market, their choice is unlimited.