Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Refill Razor Blade 4 ea (Pack of 5)



Product Description

Size:Pack of 5 The Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Blade Refill for use with the Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Razor features an advanced design for the ultimate shaving experience. Dermatologist-tested, each blade refill features five Ultra Glide blades and patented skin guards that help protect sensitive skin, as well as a Hydrating Gel Reservoir with aloe and vitamin E that hydrates throughout each shave and help reduce irritation and redness with every stroke – for all-around comfort.

DERMATOLOGIST- TESTED for men’s SENSITIVE skin. New unboxed.

Designed like no other RAZOR to protect skin from irritation with a unique Hydrating Gel Reservoir that hydrates throughout each shave.

Instant lubricating protection and delivers 40% LESS FRICTION than lube strips.

5 Ultra Glide RAZOR BLADES to deliver our best shave with a Flip TRIMMER that offers a unique design for those hard-to-trim places.

NEW larger, redesigned Guardbar for increased skin stretch, resulting in a SMOOTH SHAVE. New unboxed.

How often to change the blade on a razor?

The first urgent question from men concerns how often it is generally necessary to change the blades so that the shaving process is as effective as possible and minimally traumatic for the face skin. If you shave with blunt blades, this will lead to pulling out the hairs and scraping off the upper layer of the skin, and in order for the man to shave off the hairs, you will need to make efforts.

The frequency of blade replacement depends on several factors:

  • densities of bristles
  • stiffness of hairs
  • shaving frequency in men
  • the thoroughness of each shaving procedure
  • razor and blade quality
  • the correctness of the procedure and much more.

You need to understand that blades from different manufacturers differ in quality, production materials and degree of sharpness, coating, and other characteristics. But on average, experts note that a standard razor blade withstands about 3-8 procedures for shaving bristles. If we talk about high-quality blades and from trusted manufacturers, their service life is 6-8 procedures.

What are razor blades used for

If shaving is one of your daily or weekly activities, you may have noticed how many different types of razors you can choose.

The offer can be overwhelming, especially when you start shaving or have used the same type of blades for years. There is quite a difference in razor blades and in addition, there is actually not one best. Every man has different skin and hair growth and of course also a different preference. Yet there is a razor for every man that can be the best choice for him.

How to choose razor blades

What types of men’s razors and blades are there, how do they differ from each other. What do the parameters of men’s razors and blades mean, how not to make a mistake in choosing and not overpay for extra functions

For shaving to be of high quality, you need to choose the right machine. In today’s market, their choice is unlimited.