Schick Hydro 3 Razor Blade Refills for Men – 4 Count +1 Hydro 5 Refill (Pack of 2)



Product Description

Size:Pack of 2 Product Description The Schick Hydro 3 Blade Refill for use with the Schick Hydro 3 Razor provides a close, comfortable shave. Each blade refill features Schick’s exclusive Hydrating Gel Reservoir* that hydrates throughout each shave – now upgraded to provide instant lubricating protection and deliver 40% less friction than a lube strip**. A larger, redesigned Guardbar and reduced blade spans help smooth your skin and reduce irritation. The Schick Hydro 3 Blade Razor Refill for use with the Schick Hydro 3 Blade Razor is designed to deliver a smooth, comfortable shave. Each blade refill features Schick’s soothing Lubricated Gel Reservoir that keeps your skin hydrated as you shave, and built-in Skin Guards to smooth your skin and reduce irritation.Hydro 3 Blade RefillAt a Glance:Hydro 3 Refill includes four refill bladesDesigned to deliver a smooth, comfortable shaveWater-activated Lubricating Gel Reservoir lubricates your skinThree Ultra Glide Blades for a close, comfortable shave Skin Guards provide double points of contact between the blades and your faceDesigned to deliver a smooth, comfortable shave.Advanced Hydration and Comfort FeaturesThe skin on your face is a sensitive surface that can easily dry out or become irritated by harsh shaving or an inadequate razor. With their Ultra Glide feature with Skin Guards and water-activated skin conditioners, Schick Hydro 3 blades keep your skin hydrated and smooth. The blades’ Ultra Glide feature with Skin Guards provide more points of contact on the skin, creating a flatter, smoother surface to shave, resulting in a comfortable shave with less irritation.While most blades have conditioning strips made from a combination of conditioners and plastic, the Hydro 3 features a deep reservoir full of 100% pure conditioner that lasts up to two times longer. This Hydrating Gel Reservoir releases water-activated Aloe-enriched lubrication that forms into a gel as you shave for effortless glide and hydration.The Schick Hydro 3 Blade Refill is a must-have for anyone using the Schick Hydro 3 Blade Razor. In addition, to enhance your shaving experience, try Schick Hydro Sensitive Shave Gel or Schick Hydro Moisturizing Shave Gel with your Hydro 3 Razor.What’s in the BoxSchick Hydro 3 Blade Refill, 4-count.

Designed like no other RAZOR to protect skin from irritation with a unique Hydrating Gel Reservoir that hydrates throughout each shave

Instant lubricating protection and delivers 40% LESS FRICTION than a lube strip**.

Flip TRIMMER offers a unique design for those hard-to-trim places

3 Ultra Glide RAZOR BLADES to deliver our best shave

NEW larger, redesigned Guardbar for increased skin stretch, resulting in a SMOOTH SHAVE

How often to change the blade on a razor?

The first urgent question from men concerns how often it is generally necessary to change the blades so that the shaving process is as effective as possible and minimally traumatic for the face skin. If you shave with blunt blades, this will lead to pulling out the hairs and scraping off the upper layer of the skin, and in order for the man to shave off the hairs, you will need to make efforts.

The frequency of blade replacement depends on several factors:

  • densities of bristles
  • stiffness of hairs
  • shaving frequency in men
  • the thoroughness of each shaving procedure
  • razor and blade quality
  • the correctness of the procedure and much more.

You need to understand that blades from different manufacturers differ in quality, production materials and degree of sharpness, coating, and other characteristics. But on average, experts note that a standard razor blade withstands about 3-8 procedures for shaving bristles. If we talk about high-quality blades and from trusted manufacturers, their service life is 6-8 procedures.

How to care for your razor

Many men prefer to use disposable razors for one simple reason – you can not wash them and throw them away immediately after use. Yes, it’s great, of course, but isn’t comfortable high-quality shaving more important?
Doubt it? Then let’s make a deal! You will try to start using a razor with interchangeable cartridges – for starters, you can give preference to a simple and economical option, such as the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, and we will tell you how easy it is to care for!
Rinse blades regularly while shaving
This will help not only extend the life of the blades but also provide a more comfortable and high-quality shave.
Rinse blades after each use
The fact is that the remnants of the gel or shaving foam contribute to the appearance of rust, and stuck hairs can cause scratches. To thoroughly rinse the razor and clean all corners, hold it under a sufficiently powerful stream of water, turning at different angles.

Do not try to clean the blades by tapping the edge of the sink with a razor: such actions can damage the cassette. The blades in your razor will snap into the wrong angle and shaving with this cassette will not be possible.

  • After washing and drying, drop a few drops of alcohol-containing liquid onto the blades.
  • Alcohol will displace the remaining moisture and sanitize the blades.
  • Apply oil a couple of times a week to dried and sanitized blades.
  • It can be either a special oil or regular baby or essential oil. It will keep the blades sharp and clean.
  • Store the shaver in a dry place or in a special container
  • Do not leave the razor lying in the bathtub where water will fall on it.
  • Change cassettes in time

Even if all the rules are followed, cassettes need to be changed regularly. Only sharp blades can provide a comfortable clean shave without irritation.

How to select razor blades for men?

The choice of a safety razor depends on many factors: weight, handle, type of head, etc. But do not forget about the physiological characteristics of our body. Each has its own type of skin, different stiffness of the bristles, small or large palm-size, in which the machine should lie. Everything is individual, so you do not need to buy the tool that a friend advised, recommended a famous blogger or was at the top of the forum. There is also the possibility that it is not possible to purchase exactly your ideal device immediately. It is necessary to stock up on patience, time and a certain amount for the razor of your dreams.