Remington Products Azor 5 Blade Manual Men’s Razor with 3 Cartridges



Product Description

Size:3 cartridges Product Description Shave closer and longer for less with the remington, king of shaves azor 5 3up razor. The azor’s soft-flex hinge presses blades gently against your skin for ultimate comfort. Featuring five thinner and finer blades for incredible closeness, coated with endurium nano so they last longer. Azor 5 blades cost less and last longer giving you more shaves for your money. The Remington King of Shaves AZOR 5 5-Blade Razor will give you a clean and confident look every day. Using a soft-flex hinge and thin, fine blades, the AZOR 5 gives those with sensitive skin a close, comfortable shave without razor burn. An endurium coating on each blade makes the cartridges long lasting, providing you with more shaves for your money.Azor 5-Blade Men’sManual Razor At a Glance: Optimized for sensitive skin; achieves close shaves without razor burnSoft-Flex hinge applies just the right amount of pressure to your skin5 blades are coated with long-lasting endurium nano to give more shaves for your moneyProvides comfort and efficiency with an ergonomic handle and slimline cartridgeSoft touch cartridge ejector designed for easy cartridge changeBeard bumper lifts stubble for a smoother shave View larger. The AZOR 5 features a soft-flex hinge that lets the blades glide naturally along the contours of your face. View larger. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to control, while its soft touch ejector allows quick cartridges changes. View larger. Five Fine Blades for a Close, Comfortable ShaveThe AZOR 5 provides those with sensitive skin the closest shave possible. Using S-Flex technology and an ergonomic handle design, the handle’s soft-flex hinge presses blades gently against the skin, avoiding abrasion–even along the natural curves of your face and neck. Slimline Design Provides a Convenient Shaving ExperienceAreas that are normally troublesome during shaving are no problem when using the AZOR 5. The ergonomic handle design allows you to comfortably control where you guide your razor. The cartridges’ slimline design makes precision grooming easy in tricky areas, such as under the nose. In addition, the cartridge has a skin pre-tensioning beard bumper to help lift stubble during shaving, reducing the risk of nicks and cuts and providing a smoother shave. Endurium-Coated Blades Give More Shaves for Your MoneyThis model uses five thin, fine blades to maintain close contact and reduce razor burn. And like all Remington razors, it is built to last, so you can maintain both your look and your wallet. Each blade on the AZOR 5 is coated with endurium nano, giving you a dependably comfortable experience shave after shave. The razor comes with three endurium replacement cartridges, giving you 50 percent more cartridges in each pack. When it comes time to change your blade, the soft touch cartridge ejector makes it easy. Remington has been helping the world get ready for over 70 years. Experts in innovation, Remington offer cutting-edge technology. They work with salon professionals from all over the world to produce hair styling products that really work. Remington’s mission is to help you look good and feel like you’re ready for anything, so you can look in the mirror and say, “Okay, world, here I come.” What’s in the BoxRemington King of Shaves Azor 5-Blade Men’s Manual Razor with three cartridges. AZOR 5, Five Blade Razor AZOR 5, Replacement Cartridge Alphagel Shave Gel, Cooling Menthol Alphagel Shave Gel, Sensitive5 BladesS-Flex TechnologyEndurium Nano-Coated BladesErgonomic DesignBeard BumperSlimline Cartridge6 Replacement CartridgesEndurium Nano-Coated BladesSlimline CartridgeSoft-Touch Cartridge Ejector50% More Cartridges than CompetitionNon-Drying, Low-FoamAloe-Rich FormulaDermatologist-TestedFragrance-FreeSuperior GlideIdeal for Sensitive SkinContains Cooling MentholNon-Drying, Low-FoamAloe-Rich FormulaDermatologist-TestedFragrance-FreeSuperior GlideIdeal for Sensitive Skin

5 blade razor system

Patented s-flex technology presses blades gently against skin for ultimate comfort

Endurium nano coated blades shave closer and last longer

Remington azor 5 blades cost less and last longer giving you more shaves for your money

2 bonus replacement cartridges included

How long does it take for a knife to become blunt

It is impossible to say how often you have to replace a cassette because a number of factors influence how long the blade lasts. Much depends on the way you handle the blades after shaving. When you need a new blade depends on how often you shave, the surface you have to remove the hair from, the type of hair, thickness and length and the number of shaving movements.

However, the strength/hardness of the hair is not the reason that razor blades should be replaced quickly and on average after every 20 shaves. Razor blades become dull mainly because hairs, soap/foam, lime, and skin cells remain on the razor. The small residual particles cause corrosion on the blades, making them blunt. See also: Why razor blades become blunt. The more often you shave, the more often the blades get wet and the more skin/soap residues remain on the blades.

What are razor blades used for

The razor has been changed to a razor that is gentle on the skin by dispersing the pressure applied to each skin by increasing the number of blades and the number of blades compared to the pursuit of shaving. The razor blade has a single pinpoint trimmer behind the razor blade, making it easy to shave under the chin, under the nose and sideburns.
Gillette razors are thinner than other companies’ blades, and steel is crimped to sandwich the blades to increase strength. So the shaving taste is great as it has a sharper cutting edge.
However, the original blade is thinner, but the replacement time of the blade becomes earlier.
The point to keep the blade length is to moisturize the beard as much as possible and soften it before shaving, so the replacement blade will last longer

How to select razor blades for men?

The choice of a safety razor depends on many factors: weight, handle, type of head, etc. But do not forget about the physiological characteristics of our body. Each has its own type of skin, different stiffness of the bristles, small or large palm-size, in which the machine should lie. Everything is individual, so you do not need to buy the tool that a friend advised, recommended a famous blogger or was at the top of the forum. There is also the possibility that it is not possible to purchase exactly your ideal device immediately. It is necessary to stock up on patience, time and a certain amount for the razor of your dreams.