Oster”LIMITED CLASSIC 76 EDITION” Hair Clippers with UNBREAKABLE Valox Material and BONUS FREE OldSpice Body Spray Included

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Product Description

Oster Professional Hair Clippers, Heavy Duty and Powerful with Size 1 Size 000 Blades IncludedThe Oster Professional Heavy Duty Hair Clippers is the most used haircutting machine by barbers world wide. With a powerful universal motor thats two times more powerful than leading clippers, cuts through any type of hair even thick and wet with ease. Features a Detachable Cryogen-x Blade System allowing for quick easy and convenient blade changing. The Professional hair trimmer is made from strong valox material making the hair machine virtually unbreakable.Heavy-Duty ClipperProfessional haircut machine that is built to last and give quality hair grooming for years to comeExceptional Power and PerformanceMaking this hair machine the number one hair clippers used by the professional hair salons in the worldPowerful Universal MotorThe Oster haircut machine cuts through thick and even wet hair efficiently and quicklyStrong Valox MaterialMakes the hair clippers housing virtually unbreakable and running for years of professional stylingDetachable Cryogen-x Blade SystemAllows you to quickly and easily change the blade for various and different hair lengthsLightweight with Ergonomic GripSpecially designed for extended use and reduces stress on you hands and wrist for all day stylingFeaturesExceptional Power, Performance and DurabilityCuts Through Thick, Wet Hair EfficientlyStrong Valox Unbreakable MaterialDetachable Cryogen-X Blade SysemDouble Insulated, CUL and NOM approved120V/45 WattsTri Lingual PackagingIncludes Size 1 and Size 000 BladesBONUS FREE OLDSPICE BODY SPRAY INCLUDED

#1 Hair Clippers On The Market Exceptional Power, Performance & Durability

Powerful Universal Motor Cuts Through Thick, Wet Hair Efficiently & Quickly

Strong Valox Material Makes The Clipper Housing Virtually Unbreakable

Detachable Cryogen-X Blade System Allows Quick & Easy Blade Changing

Size 1 & Size 000 Blades and BONUS FREE OldSpice Body Spray Included

How to use the beard trimmer?

A trimmer is a device designed to remove hair in a wide variety of areas of the body. It has several applications. Trimmer for a beard will allow you to simulate the shape and give an irresistible appearance to the mustache, whiskers, and beard in just a few minutes at home. Thanks to him, your image will become irresistible and will certainly attract the attention of the beautiful half of humanity. Also, with the help of a trimmer, you can get rid of hair in the nose and ears. If you buy a device for women, then it can be used to quickly and easily remove hair in the bikini area. Moisture resistant units are available for sale. They can be used both in the shower and after it. The cutting head can be washed. Nozzles in trimmers make it possible not only to remove under the root but also to cut the hair of a certain length while forming hairstyles in intimate areas.
The hair clipper is designed to shorten to a certain length of hair on the head. Modern models also allow you to remove a mustache or beard. The machine runs on mains or batteries. It is very relevant for home use.

How do trimmers clippers work

Typical additional functions of trimmers include the possibility of using the appliance under the shower and for cutting wet hair (which is important for those who first shave their cheeks and then trim the hair on their chin and mustache with a trimmer), a round nozzle for cutting hair in the nose and ears, and also the ability to cut hair on the head.

Speaking about cutting hair on the head, it is important to mention that this operation is almost impossible to do at home and alone – even if you just want to cut your hair very short, it will be difficult to do this with a mirror. Any other person will trim you much faster and more successfully than yourself.


what trimmers do barber use for men?

If you want the ideal beard, look out for barber grooming. Today, not only middle-aged men but also fashionable boys, businessmen, and job hunters are using grooming in barbers. Grooming professional care will enhance your male appeal and increase your confidence.

Trimmers are relatively easy to care for. You can shave more beautifully by applying a special gel before cleaning.
Rather than forcibly pressing the trimmer against the skin, you can shave the beard deeply by releasing the power and gently applying it to the skin.

The whisker near the chin and lips will be a hard part, so be sure to shave it last. By trimming from other areas, the gel can be moistened enough to make the beard softer and easier to shave.

After cleaning, wash the shaving foam and gel thoroughly with water, and remember to apply lotion to the shaving marks to keep it moisturized.