Old Spice Men’s Electric Foil Shaver / Electric Razor, Wet & Dry, Great for Trimming, powered by Braun



Product Description

View larger Old Spice Wet & Dry Shave & Trim: It’s Red, So You Know It Works. It shaves and trims perfectly every time – in and out of the shower. It does not do taxes well. In fact, you will go to jail if the Old Spice Wet & Dry Shave & Trim does your taxes. Do not let it convince you otherwise. Rechargeable The Old Spice Wet & Dry Shave & Trim is rechargeable, for up to 30 minutes of cordless shaving time on a full charge. 60-day Guarantee And Two-Year Limited Warranty You will be satisfied. We guarantee it. Call 1-800-211-6661 for details. What’s In The Box Wet & Dry ShaverAdjustable beard guardStubble guard/Protective capDetail guardCharging stand & cordManliness Main Product Features View larger 3-in-1: Shave, trim, and define with one tool.Full size Wet & Dry shaver, with a narrow foil to shave hard-to-reach placesTrim facial hairDefine facial hair View larger Wet & Dry: Can be used in the shower and with foams and gels. View larger Adjustable beard guard with 4 settings (1.2-6mm). View larger 3-Day Beard Guard/Protective Cap (0.6mm), for perfect stubble. View larger Detail guard (3mm), ideal for trimming eyebrows. View larger Optimized SensoFoil cuts hairs easily while being smooth to the skin. View larger Dual precision trimmers. View larger Fully washable for easy cleaning. Product Comparison Beard & Head Trimmer Hair Clipper Shave & Trim(This Product) Shaver Get your face and head shipshape. Like a lawn mower for your hair. The pocket knife of shavers for your face. Like three smooth barbers for your face. Shaves ✓ ✓ Trims Beards ✓ ✓ ✓ Cuts Hair ✓ ✓ Defines Tight DetailsLength Range 1-20mm 3-24mm Smooth, Stubble, 1-6mm Smoother Trimming Element Type Narrower Head, with Stainless Steel Blades Full-Size Head, with Stainless Steel Blades Single Foil 3-Stage Foil Can be used in the showerCan be used with foams & gelsFully washable for easy cleanup ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Cordless Usage Time 40 min. 40 min. 30 min. 45 min.

The pocket knife of shavers for your face

Shave, trim, and define with one tool

Can be used in the shower and with foams and gels

Fully washable for easy cleanup

60 day Money Back Guarantee

How to choose electric shavers?

There was a time when people used knives and knife holders to shave. Gone are the days of manual shaving. Everything, including shaving, has been automated to meet the accelerated pace of life we ?? lead today.

An electric razor ensures that you look clean and shaved without having to spend a lot of time shaving. In addition, it does not get too close to the skin, preventing cuts and bruises. But not every electric razor available on the market can meet your needs. So it is important to understand your main requirements before making a purchase. Here are some tips for choosing the best electric razor to suit your needs.


How do electric shavers work?

Most men shave unwanted facial hair as well as other body hair. One of the most commonly used shaving equipment is the electric razor. There are numerous types of electric razors on the market that are used for the best and smoothest shaving results. If you want to get rid of that unwanted hair on your face or other body parts, and you have never used an electric razor, it is very important to first take the basic knowledge. Here are some tips :

Wash your face and any areas of the body you want to shave before using a razor. Skin hygiene is very important, especially with a shaver. After washing, rinse with clean water and dry your skin with a clean towel. An electric shock from an electric razor is rare, but not absent if used incorrectly. Manufacturers want to give you a guarantee that you will be very satisfied with the use of the shaver, so the product will often be designed for both dry and wet skin.
Remove the long hair on your face before you start shaving. You may also want to use a razor. Long hair can potentially damage your electric razor, so removing it yourself can extend the life of the shaver.
Always shave against the direction of hair growth. This is important to remember, especially if you want to shave as little as possible. Shaving against your hair growth direction also always produces a very close shave.
Shave in small circular motions in case you have small stubble. For larger stubble, simply increase the circular shearing movements.
Do not shave over the same area of ?? skin over and over again, otherwise you will increase the risk of skin irritations, wounds, and even scars!
Only use electric razors that are well-regarded

How to use electric shaving?

In electric shaving, the “scissors principle” is used. This means that a beard hair is between two cutting elements – usually a mesh and a blade called the inner blade.

Due to the elasticity of the skin with an electric shaver, you can achieve a longer effect. The razor head puts pressure on the skin.

Because of this, the skin is slightly pressed into the holes of the mesh, and the hairs are squeezed up. As soon as the hair is cut off, its remainder is hidden back under the surface of the skin.

The result: a perfectly smooth shave.