Old Spice Beard & Head Trimmer, powered by Braun, Red/Black



Product Description

Color:Beard & Head Trimmer View larger Old Spice Beard & Head Trimmer: It’s red, so you know it works. More technological firepower went into the Old Spice Beard and Head Trimmer than the space shuttles that landed on the moon. Why? Because keeping your head and face hair trimmed is more important than landing on some stupid rock that doesn’t even have a swim up bar or a pool, or mini cheeseburgers, or recliners. 60-day Guarantee And Two-Year Limited Warranty You will be satisfied. We guarantee it. Call 1-800-211-6661 for details. What’s In The Box Beard trimmerBeard comb (1-11mm)Hair comb (10-20mm)Cleaning brushCharging cordOil – 3.17mL (0.125 fl oz)Manliness Main Product Features View larger Beard comb, with 6 Click & Lock settings from 1-11mm (0.04-0.43 inches). View larger Hair comb, with 6 Click & Lock settings from 10-20mm (0.39-0.79 inches). View larger Rechargeable – use corded or cordless, with up to 40 minutes of cordless trimming time on full charge. View larger Fully washable for easy cleaning. View larger Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades and a 20% narrower head vs. Old Spice Hair Clipper make it easier to trim in tight places. Product Comparison Beard & Head Trimmer(This Product) Hair Clipper Shave & Trim Shaver Get your face and head shipshape. Like a lawn mower for your hair. The pocket knife of shavers for your face. Like three smooth barbers for your face. Shaves ✓ ✓ Trims Beards ✓ ✓ ✓ Cuts Hair ✓ ✓ Defines Tight DetailsLength Range 1-20mm 3-24mm Smooth, Stubble, 1-6mm Smoother Trimming Element Type Narrower Head, with Stainless Steel Blades Full-Size Head, with Stainless Steel Blades Single Foil 3-Stage Foil Can be used in the showerCan be used with foams & gelsFully washable for easy cleanup ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Cordless Usage Time 40 min. 40 min. 30 min. 45 min. Frequently Asked Questions Can I also trim wet hair?Sure, you can trim both wet and dry hair. How do I clean the trimmer?Rinse the trimming head under running water after each shave. Can’t I just trim my beard once every few months?Sure. Let’s just hope that Santa does not get upset that you’re stealing his look.

Get your face and head shipshape

Craft your own look–without a drawerful of attachments

Powerful dual battery system for up to 40 minutes of cordless trimming

Fully washable for easy cleanup;Blade-material:Stainless-steel

Adjustable combs with 12 total settings for precisely trimmed hairstyles (1-11mm, 10-20mm).

How to use trimmers clippers?

Firstly, as already mentioned, the scope of the trimmer is working with facial hair. It is better suited both for shortening the beard and mustache – and especially for shaping them. Because with a trimmer, you can shave the hair along the edges of the beard, which do not fit into your plan, but with a typewriter – no.

In addition, the trimmer is often used to work with the hair of the upper part of the head – but as an auxiliary tool for edging and performing some precise and filigree elements.

How is the trimmer technically different from the clipper?
Why is everything so? What are the technical differences between the trimmer and the machine that make this difference in use – if the uninitiated in the hairdresser’s art may not even distinguish the trimmer from the machine by eye?

What is a trimmer and types of hair trimmers?

More and more men are replacing scissors, razors, barbershops and professional hairdressers with home trimmers. And this is understandable – the hair trimmer is relatively inexpensive, it is intended for personal use, therefore, it is safer than its salon analogs, it is convenient, compact, versatile and always at hand.

Many mistakenly assume that the trimmer is the same hair clipper, only with a modern foreign name. However, the function of the device is not only to trim but also to trim the hair, which can be considered a great advantage of the device. The trimmer is a device for cutting and trimming hair, which is equipped with a kind of scissors and a razor.

Before you purchase a device you need, firstly, to figure out for hair what part of the body it is intended, and secondly, what characteristics are in the priority of the future owner.

what trimmers do barber use for men?

If you want the ideal beard, look out for barber grooming. Today, not only middle-aged men but also fashionable boys, businessmen, and job hunters are using grooming in barbers. Grooming professional care will enhance your male appeal and increase your confidence.

Trimmers are relatively easy to care for. You can shave more beautifully by applying a special gel before cleaning.
Rather than forcibly pressing the trimmer against the skin, you can shave the beard deeply by releasing the power and gently applying it to the skin.

The whisker near the chin and lips will be a hard part, so be sure to shave it last. By trimming from other areas, the gel can be moistened enough to make the beard softer and easier to shave.

After cleaning, wash the shaving foam and gel thoroughly with water, and remember to apply lotion to the shaving marks to keep it moisturized.