MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer with Power Burst



Product Description

High-powered adjustable trimmer with 7 length settings hacks longer hairs down to a manageable length and makes it easy to keep them there. If you’re the hairier sort, a Power Boost button ensures consistent trimming without any tugging or pulling. Multi-directional pivoting head follows contours for a close and comfortable shave on more sensitive areas, with hypoallergenic foils designed not to rough up skin on the unmentionables. Rubberized non-slip grip (gotta be careful) enables maximum control and maneuverability. Can be used wet or dry, so it’s ideal for relatively less messy maintenance in the shower.

Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer combined into 1 unit to shave and trim all areas of your body with precision and ease, plus added Power Burst button to shave and trim through extra thick and coarse hair

Body Groomer Head has combined double-sided Trimmer / Foil Blade design that cuts both long and short body hair effortlessly to complete smoothness in one fluid motion

New Shock Absorber Multi-functional Flex Neck follows all contours of the body while shaving and achieves a perfectly smooth shave with no irritation in sensitive areas

Ultimate Pro Trimmer side has 7 settings for detailed trimming of longer body hair to your desired length, gets as close as 1/16th of an inch

Wet / Dry and can be used in the shower, plus rechargeable with Red / Green indicator charging light. Use the trimmer side on dry hair only, not wet


How to use trimmer professionals as the barber?

Strictly speaking, usage differs depending on the manufacturer and model, but the basic usage is the same. Let’s hold down the basic use of the mustache trimmer and clean the beard.

  1. Wet and dry the entire beard
  2. Easily trim your beard with combs
  3. Set the mustache trimmers to the desired length
  4. Cut along the hair flow while pulling the skin a little
  5.  Fine adjustment with scissors etc. is completed

The beard trimmer has a special type and a multi-function type that becomes a mustache trimmer when the attachment is attached to the clipper. Many dedicated ones can be adjusted in length without changing attachments, making them easy to use. In addition, there are various functions such as a waterproof function and a high-speed charging type that can be used in the bath. Choose the one that best fits your life pattern.

How do trimmers clippers work

Typical additional functions of trimmers include the possibility of using the appliance under the shower and for cutting wet hair (which is important for those who first shave their cheeks and then trim the hair on their chin and mustache with a trimmer), a round nozzle for cutting hair in the nose and ears, and also the ability to cut hair on the head.

Speaking about cutting hair on the head, it is important to mention that this operation is almost impossible to do at home and alone – even if you just want to cut your hair very short, it will be difficult to do this with a mirror. Any other person will trim you much faster and more successfully than yourself.


what trimmers does barber use?

Captures and cuts off all hairs

Loop repeat system
The comfortable sliding system captures and cuts hairs of different lengths without the use of additional devices and contact with sharp blades. Double-sided trimmers trim longer hairs, which are then shaved with a mesh. The system of repeating contours repeats all the bends of the body for the most accurate result.

Trimming and Shaving

Double-sided design
The convenient transition from trimming to shaving thanks to a unique design: one device for your maximum comfort.

Cutting off even the toughest hairs

Convenient, adjustable comb attachment
Built-in trimmer and adjustable comb with 5 length settings provide effective trimming of even the thickest hair. To trim to your usual length or create a natural look, select a length setting from 3 to 11 mm on the crest. To trim to a minimum length, use the shaving system on the other side of the appliance.