Conair 2-in-1 Clipper and Trimmer/The Chopper Complete Grooming System, 24pc, 50 settings

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Product Description

Dynamic styling meets personal grooming! Get everything you need for a powerful haircut or trim from the comfort of home. The Conair 2-in-1 Clipper and Trimmer/The Chopper Complete Grooming System is a 24-piece kit that will keep you looking fresh. It features two detachable blades—one for cutting hair and one for trimming facial hair. Stainless steel blades include a hair clipping blade for ultra-close bald and fade styling, plus a facial trimming blade for precise beard and detail styling. This men’s haircut kit has 5-position taper control and a truly no slip grip. Other stylers might promise no slip, but this one really delivers. Want extra power? Simply hit turbo for a 15% boost. And the DC motor of this haircut clipper provides 50% more cutting power for even the toughest hair. Want to know what you get? For a haircut, this kit includes nine guide combs, a styling comb and barber scissors. To protect your styler, it comes with a storage pouch and blade guard to keep blades sharp. To stay clean it includes a barber cape, and to keep your haircut kit working efficiently and effectively it also includes a cleaning brush and oil. Want to trim facial hair? This kit also includes a facial trimming blade, 5-position comb attachment, 3 jawline combs and a mustache comb for style on the go. This cool orange and black clipper is corded and comes with detachable blades for customization. Cut your hair at home like a pro with the Conair 2-in-1 Clipper and Trimmer/The Chopper Complete Grooming System.

Dynamic haircut needs meets personal grooming with this 2-in-1 custom haircut kit and trimmer

Full power truly “no slip grip” corded clipper and trimmer

Stainless steel hair clipping blade for ultra-close bald & fade styling and facial trimming blade for precise beard & detail styling

Turbo Button for 15% more power

5-position taper control, 24 pieces and 50 total settings

How to use trimmers clippers?

Firstly, as already mentioned, the scope of the trimmer is working with facial hair. It is better suited both for shortening the beard and mustache – and especially for shaping them. Because with a trimmer, you can shave the hair along the edges of the beard, which do not fit into your plan, but with a typewriter – no.

In addition, the trimmer is often used to work with the hair of the upper part of the head – but as an auxiliary tool for edging and performing some precise and filigree elements.

How is the trimmer technically different from the clipper?
Why is everything so? What are the technical differences between the trimmer and the machine that make this difference in use – if the uninitiated in the hairdresser’s art may not even distinguish the trimmer from the machine by eye?

How do trimmers clippers work?

Every hairdresser and barber has a different working style. Kappershandel, therefore, has a wide range of professional hair clippers with various models from the best brands such as Wahl, Moser, Jaguar, and Tondeo. Each one of good quality in different price ranges.
To find out which hair clipper is perfect for you, there are a number of factors to consider:

  • Engine type
  • Battery type
  • Cord / Cordless
  • Number of Voltage
  • Loading and transit time
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • The width and cutting lengths of the cutting blades

For this reason, has an extensive product description and product specification for every hair clipper. On this page, you will find one that fits your style in no time. Do you prefer a cordless clipper with a powerful motor that shaves all hair types and a Lithium-ion battery that does not feel too heavy and is comfortable to hold? Or just a little heavier for the real shaving feeling with a slightly wider cutting blade? Barbershop has them all.

what trimmers does barber use?

Captures and cuts off all hairs

Loop repeat system
The comfortable sliding system captures and cuts hairs of different lengths without the use of additional devices and contact with sharp blades. Double-sided trimmers trim longer hairs, which are then shaved with a mesh. The system of repeating contours repeats all the bends of the body for the most accurate result.

Trimming and Shaving

Double-sided design
The convenient transition from trimming to shaving thanks to a unique design: one device for your maximum comfort.

Cutting off even the toughest hairs

Convenient, adjustable comb attachment
Built-in trimmer and adjustable comb with 5 length settings provide effective trimming of even the thickest hair. To trim to your usual length or create a natural look, select a length setting from 3 to 11 mm on the crest. To trim to a minimum length, use the shaving system on the other side of the appliance.