Braun Cordless WASHABLE Mens Hair Trimmer and Multi Groomer with Multiple Attachment Combs and BONUS FREE Body Spray Included

Old Spice


Product Description

Braun WORLDWIDE VOLTAGE Wet & Dry Multi Groomer with Attachment Combs and Charging StandThe Ultimate 3-In-1 Hair Trimmer allows you to trim, style and shave. Comes with three attachments and lifetime lasting sharp blades deliver the right hair clippers for precision detail and styling. Featering an extra wide shaver head with flexible Smart Foil for a smooth and clean shave in just a few strokes, while being 100% waterproof for in-shower as well as out-of-shower useSmartFoil with Extra Wide Shaver HeadThe extra wide shaver head is equipped with a flexible SmartFoil, for a smooth and clean shave in only few strokesClick&Lock Comb for Precise StylingSimply adjust the Click&Lock comb to trim hair to 4 exact lengths (1.2mm, 2.8mm, 4.4mm, 6mm),The 1.2mm comb is especially designed to give you this 3-day-beard lookTwistable TrimmerThe Hair Clippers twistable trimmer with a narrow and a wide side gives you precise control over your beard contours, define lines and edges, no matter how detailed they areWet&Dry – Even Under the ShowerUse in the shower for added convenience, or rinse with running water for easy cleaning (certified to IPX7 standard)Adjustable VoltageThe Braun Body Shaver automatically adapts to any voltage between 100V and 240V for reliable use at home or awayFeaturesPerfect For Head, Full Beard, Goatee, Stubble, Clean ShavenAdjustable Click&Lock Comb To Trim Facial Hair to Four Exact LengthsFlexible SmartFoil Shaver with Extra-Wide Shaver HeadTwistable Trimmer with Wide and Narrow SideLED Light Informs about Charging StatusAutomatically Adapts to Any Voltage Between 100V and 240V100% Waterproof Wet and DryBONUS FREE OLDSPICE BODY SPRAY INCLUDED

Perfect For Head, Full Beard, Goatee, Stubble, Clean Shaven

Adjustable Click&Lock Comb To Trim Facial Hair to Four Exact Lengths

Flexible Smart-Foil Shaver, Twistable Trimmer with Wide and Narrow Side

100% WATERPROOF For Wet and Dry Usage, Led Light for Charging Status

WORLWIDE VOLTAGE That Automatically Adapts to Any Voltage Between 100V and 240V

How to use trimmer professionals as the barber?

Strictly speaking, usage differs depending on the manufacturer and model, but the basic usage is the same. Let’s hold down the basic use of the mustache trimmer and clean the beard.

  1. Wet and dry the entire beard
  2. Easily trim your beard with combs
  3. Set the mustache trimmers to the desired length
  4. Cut along the hair flow while pulling the skin a little
  5.  Fine adjustment with scissors etc. is completed

The beard trimmer has a special type and a multi-function type that becomes a mustache trimmer when the attachment is attached to the clipper. Many dedicated ones can be adjusted in length without changing attachments, making them easy to use. In addition, there are various functions such as a waterproof function and a high-speed charging type that can be used in the bath. Choose the one that best fits your life pattern.

What is a trimmer and types of hair trimmers?

More and more men are replacing scissors, razors, barbershops and professional hairdressers with home trimmers. And this is understandable – the hair trimmer is relatively inexpensive, it is intended for personal use, therefore, it is safer than its salon analogs, it is convenient, compact, versatile and always at hand.

Many mistakenly assume that the trimmer is the same hair clipper, only with a modern foreign name. However, the function of the device is not only to trim but also to trim the hair, which can be considered a great advantage of the device. The trimmer is a device for cutting and trimming hair, which is equipped with a kind of scissors and a razor.

Before you purchase a device you need, firstly, to figure out for hair what part of the body it is intended, and secondly, what characteristics are in the priority of the future owner.

what trimmers do barber use for men?

If you want the ideal beard, look out for barber grooming. Today, not only middle-aged men but also fashionable boys, businessmen, and job hunters are using grooming in barbers. Grooming professional care will enhance your male appeal and increase your confidence.

Trimmers are relatively easy to care for. You can shave more beautifully by applying a special gel before cleaning.
Rather than forcibly pressing the trimmer against the skin, you can shave the beard deeply by releasing the power and gently applying it to the skin.

The whisker near the chin and lips will be a hard part, so be sure to shave it last. By trimming from other areas, the gel can be moistened enough to make the beard softer and easier to shave.

After cleaning, wash the shaving foam and gel thoroughly with water, and remember to apply lotion to the shaving marks to keep it moisturized.