Pre electric shave routine

The procedure is individual for each guest and is accompanied by personal recommendations.

As a result of the pre-electric shave routine, the face will not only become perfectly smooth, but the contours of the beard will take on the perfect shape, most importantly you yourself will experience very special emotions from touching history and royal traditions.

Most men are used to using shaving machines with safety razors or electric shavers. At the same time, representatives of the strong half of humanity courageously remain silent about not quite comfortable sensations in the process and especially after shaving, about irritation, dryness, and tightness of the skin. With the Apriori salon, the shaving procedure becomes not just a necessity, but literally a pleasure. That’s the effect of the Pre electric shave routine.

A special ceremony of shaving for real men involves wet warming the face with a warm towel, so the skin calms down and the pores open. Next, a facial massage with oils is performed to soften the skin and bristles.

Then the shaving areas are covered with fragrant delicate foam, which is applied with a brush of silver mountain badger and the beard is shaved with sharp movements with a sharp razor.

Then a calming, restoring mask of plant components is applied to the skin, preventing the appearance of ingrown hairs. A worthy conclusion of the “Royal Shave” is a light facial massage with balm. This is truly a service for those who are accustomed to all the best and exclusive!

You have 40 pleasant minutes of this procedure when you can forget about external stimuli, disconnect from the saturated city ​​rhythm, and then, with a feeling of freshness and renewal, go for real achievements.

Royal Shaving is the best because:

  • a dangerous razor gives you an absolutely clean shave,
  • freshness is felt throughout the day,
  • exfoliation of the skin to cleanse it,
  • skin renewal for its smoothness and softness,
  • the ritual includes Skin treatments for the skin.