How to select brush for shaving cream

Brush for shaving cream enthusiasts will not be able to do without a brush for shaving cream, which is included in the standard shaving kit. The shaving brush is a special device with which foam is formed from soap or a special cream. In addition, when applying the foam, a face massage occurs, due to which the skin softens and the bristles rise. This effect is not achieved when using foam. The shaving brush is soft, which is why it so relaxes the skin and minimizes irritation.

Varieties of brushes

This accessory consists of a pen and brush – the main component of the product. Handles are made of materials such as plastic, natural wood, metal, acrylic, which determines the price and mass of the brush, which is important during operation. This criterion is selected individually.


The material from which the brush is made directly affects it’s quality and application features. Today we use such materials:

  • artificial pile – the cheapest option;
  • wild boar bristles – combines inexpensive price and naturalness of the material;
  • horsehair is already better than wild boar bristles, but still does not have sufficient softness;
  • squirrel fur – belongs to soft and expensive shaving brushes;
  • badger pile – better than all previous materials, is soft and flexible;
  • Silvertip – a brush from badger’s pile of the highest category, made by hand, is characterized by durability and the highest quality;
  • Super badger – pile from the back of the badger, slightly inferior in quality to the previous version;
  • Pure badger – the most affordable brush among badger hair.

Based on the above information about the brush for shaving cream, we can conclude that the best shaving brush for badger.

How to use a shaving brush

There is nothing complicated in using this accessory. For wet shaving, you will need a machine tool or a razor, shaving brush, bowl, and foam. The bowl is heated with boiling water, then the soap is whipped in it until the foam is created, which is subsequently applied to the face. To soften the pile, the brush is placed in hot water. After use, the brush is washed with warm water and hung on the stand with the brush down. Brush up brush is not recommended to dry.