How to Choose best safety razor blades for beginner?

Friends! Considering the popularity that Chooses the best safety razor blades for beginner has gained in recent years, I would like to talk about the different brands of blades on the market of accessories today.

It would be a mistake to say that the sharpest razors are the best. The reason lies in the varying degrees of the stiffness of the bristles and the sensitivity of the skin of every man. For someone, an insufficiently sharp blade will pull the bristles, causing irritation; for another, a razor that is too sharp will burn and scratch the skin too much. On average, one blade can be shaved 3-4 times, but there are exceptions, both positive and in the opposite direction.


To achieve a perfect shave, searching for your favorite blades is a must.

This process is entertaining and can take a long time. Someone else’s subjective sensations from different brands of blades may come in handy, but everyone must draw the final conclusions for himself.

Here, too, there are a few tricks to consider choose best safety razor blades for the beginner:

  1. To try different blades, sample bags are very suitable, they can often be purchased in online stores. This is usually the most economical option.
  2. You may get a defective blade, it happens, so any brand of the blade should be given a second chance.
  3. If possible, try the blade in different machines, (since the geometry of the machine also affects the result) if the machine allows you to change the aggressiveness – with different settings of the machine.
  4. In order not to get confused about how many times and what you shaved with, you should make notes, for example, on sticky notepaper. This is especially useful if you have several machines.
  5. It’s worth buying at least a couple of packs or a block of your favorite blades in order to compare each of the next. For example, shaving one week with one, and the second with the other. Once you have a new favorite, you can buy a couple more packs and already systematically compare other blades with it.
  6. The preferences in the blades may change, the “unaccustomed” beginner’s skin may not respond very well to sharp blades, especially if the shaving technique is still lame, blades are better here, while more experienced and accustomed ones will certainly appreciate sharper and more thorough specimens.
    The sensations of the blades and the preferences may also vary depending on how often you shave, the presence of skin problems, which cream or shaving soap you use, etc.
  7. Beginners at first should not experiment too much, including with blades.
    Instead, it’s best to start with decent blades that will suit you for the first time, such as Derby or BIC, and get used to the machine, minimal pressure, tilt angle, and other basics of the classic shaving technique. This process can take several days or weeks. At the same time, there will be time to learn how to whip good foam.
    Only after that does it make sense to look for your favorite blades.

You will find a variety of blades for safety razors from leading manufacturers on our website.

Have a good shave!