Double edge safety razor blades

Double edge safety razor blades. One of the various benefits of the platinum coating is that it keeps the sting sharp without imperfections. Meanwhile, chrome steel is an all-around excellent material that resists rust – which is vital within the wet world of razor shaving.

Double edge safety razor blades Price-wise, the Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades fall within the middle, but their quality makes them an honest bargain.

You’ll also get a minimum of five shaves out of every blade – if less – before it grows dull, and every package comes with 10 (individually wrapped) blades.

While the blades could be a touch too aggressive for razor newbies, adjusting to them doesn’t take very long. They’re very comfortable to use and supply a shave that’s consistently smooth.

And, hey, Germany is understood for its craftsmanship. It only is sensible that one among the simplest double edge blades comes from the country that gave us the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

  • PROS
    1) Provides consistently smooth shaves
    2) Quality at a reasonable price
    3) Superior craftsmanship
  • CONS
    1) Perhaps a touch too aggressive for beginning shavers